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Lincoln Series

#1 Rated Safe in America!

Liberty Safe Lincoln Series safes are BIGGER, STRONGER AND TOUGHER than ever before! With its 90 minutes of Fire Protection and incredible Security Features, it is no wonder the Liberty Lincoln Safe has been consistently voted as the #1 Rated Safe by Sportsman throughout the country. Lincoln safes also include Liberty's sleek 5-point Handle, 12 Color options, Clearview Lights, and beautiful Upgraded Interiors.

Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $2,649
Payments starting as low as $60.26 for 60 months (12.99% APR) or 18 Months Interest Free! On Approved Credit

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Lincoln Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.9 out of 5 stars for 4887 customers ratings and reviews

written by The Hawk on December 7, 2018
Great Quality- Excellent Reputation!

written by Lynne Tucker on December 7, 2018

written by Sam Smith on December 7, 2018

written by Daniel on December 6, 2018

Best safe!
written by Mike on December 1, 2018
Live my new safe! Would not have gotten a different brand! Excellent quality safe!

written by EL on November 30, 2018

Lincoln 40 - Simply Beautiful
written by Meghan F. on November 29, 2018
I purchased the Lincoln 40 and love it. It just arrived today as my early Christmas present and I keep opening it just to look at how beautiful it is. it is worth every penny. You will be glad you didn't go with a lesser quality product.

Lincoln 25 exceeds expectations
written by Very Pleased Buyer in NY on November 29, 2018
Looked at many brands, spoke to people who know what to look for in a safe and then spoke to the local dealer (Smoke Wagon, LLC Jason Muehr - Owner) to answer last questions and Liberty Safes were the top contenders for quality, features, value-added accessories and delivery/setup. The wide range of products offered and their promotional specials made the final selection of a Lincoln 25 our choice. Fire rating and construction were two key factors and their resistance to break-in shown in how-to videos on their company website reinforced our decision.

Now that the safe is installed, the detailed craftsmanship and well designed layout combined with the high quality materials and robust construction are all evident. If you have a chance, go see one up close. Since we couldn't before we bought it, I am pleased to say that our expectations were exceeded when it was installed.

Outstanding Quality and Customer Service
written by Z on November 29, 2018
Liberty Safes are the best buy when related to quality and value for the money. West Coast Safe owner and employees provide excellent customer service and expertise.

Liberty Safe
written by Mrs. Miller on November 29, 2018
My husband and my son in law have liberty safes and love them. I put my things in my husbands safe and he then decided I needed my own. Love the looks and the quality of the safes and that I why I chose the Liberty safe

Great Gunj Safe
written by Showboatsix on November 28, 2018
We purchased our two Lincoln Safes to store our aircraft documents in.
Great quality, great looking , professional safe.

Liberty 50
written by Charlie Lombardo on November 28, 2018
Great layout inside. You can fiddle with the shelves and layout to suit needs. The width and height,72" high. Makes it suitable for any length long guns. The AKs and 10/22 lay across the two upper shelves. The door sleeve holds almost all my revolvers,( almost because I have a heap of revolvers). The pouches hold smaller pocket pistols. The elastic handles magazines. Haven't filled the zippered pockets, yet. Shelves are sturdy and can handle weight within reason. Shelves will handle multiple Pistol holders. Generally a well designed unit with quality parts,IE: shelves, lighting, dehumidifier.

Great security
written by Jack on November 26, 2018
I love this safe! It is good looking, rugged and built well. I love the fire protection.

new safe
written by Pleased on November 26, 2018
A great safe which does the job and looks very nice. Hasn't caught on fire yet so i'm not sure how fire proof it really is, but i'll take the engineer's word for it.

My 1st safe
written by Fred on November 25, 2018
The purchase of our liberty,Lincoln 25 gloss black safe was made easy. My wife and I stopped in Dependable Lock, in Nashua New Hampshire . We worked with the owners Bill &Gayle in less than an hour we we had enough information to feel comfortable and happy with the liberty 25 safe. We set a date for the delivery, everything went very smooth from picking out the safe all the way threw placement of our safe. Great experience.

Liberty White Lincoln Safe
written by Dan on November 24, 2018
As I have mentioned this is my second Liberty Lincoln safe. After a burglar tried to access my first one and failed; I would not think of purchasing anything but a Liberty safe. My new white Lincoln is even nicer that my older black one. I can't wait to fill it up.

Locked and secure
written by Gman on November 24, 2018

Second Safe
written by Gman on November 24, 2018

Very solid safe!
written by Scott on November 22, 2018
Very solid well built safe. I own a Champion safe. However, we have out grown it and needed more space (always buy bigger than you think). We went and looked at the Champions again just to keep them matching for ascetic reasons. Ended up buying a Liberty Lincoln. Really feel like we bought a quality safe that Liberty will stand behind forever. Paid extra for the upgraded safe. There is a difference in quality and strength. Take your time and shop and inspect. If at all possible don't buy on price alone. You pay for what you get.

First safe - love it
written by Katina on November 22, 2018
Lots of room for valuables. The interior lighting option is very nice. The keypad is easy to use. I feel much better knowing my guns are locked away.

A gun safe tall enough to store US Millitary Muskets
written by N-SSA Shooter on November 21, 2018
I bought a Lincoln 40 because it was tall enough to store my 58" long US Military Muskets and give them a chance of surviving a fire. I modified the top self that locked into the center wall so I can store 14 of them at one time. Was able to store an Model 1850 officer's sword in the pistol area of the door panel and some Derringers in the magazine storage loops. Exactly as advertised. Functions perfectly. New Military bolts hold the door tight with minimal play. It is hard to find a gun safe specifically for an antique firearm collector, but this is the closest that I found.

written by sm on November 19, 2018

Reasonably well satisfied
written by Satisfied Customer on November 18, 2018
Safe was delivered in a professional fashion. Delivery staff took time to make sure my questions were answered. Factory installed interior lights did not function properly. Hopefully Liberty will favorably consider my warranty claim. Otherwise, safe appears as advertised with no shipping damage.

Secure, functional and beautiful...
written by Smiley Face... on November 18, 2018
It's an easy choice to go first class with Liberty. The Store was well stocked and moved me towards a full feature safe that literally appears and functions like a impenetrable jewelry box. Way cool...

written by K Guy on November 18, 2018

Rock Solid product and sale
written by R. Vosburg, South GA on November 17, 2018
Lincoln 50 was purchased and delivered from Knowell's Lock and Safe in Jacksonville, FL. Could not say enough about the ease of process and time that they took to answer all my questions as well as show me different products. Safe was delivered on time, with a heads up call as promised, and installed with no issues. The guys were very professional and couldn't be more happy with the entire process. Thank you for a fine product.

Play it safe
written by Kelly on November 17, 2018
Liberty safes have some of the best designs I've seen, both inside and out. Combined with their Lifetime warranty, a $5 key replacement fee and through their encrypted Combo Vault system the ability to retrieve your combination free of charge.I like the internal door hinges, great fire ratings, internal lighting and dehumidifier and versatile shelving options. The attention to detail on the outside compares to that of fine furniture, you would be proud to display it anywhere in your home.

written by MRS. FRAN on November 17, 2018

Excellent Craftsmanship!
written by B_Nohrenberg on November 16, 2018
Well Liberty Safes reputation stands true! The quality craftsmanship is top notch. The Lincoln model gives you the security, quality and beautiful esthetics without breaking the bank! I highly recommend you go online, take the quiz to find what safe is right for you.

Its the greatest Safe ever made.
written by Tony D. on November 15, 2018
I love Lincoln Series safe they are great, Led lights in safe and they are build strong and they are
beautiful looking.

written by Joey b on November 13, 2018

written by "TJ" Johnson on November 13, 2018
Over the years I have accumulated quite an extensive firearms collection that is almost on pace with my wife's extensive jewelry collection. Ha!
We recently went on a long overdue week long vacation leaving our home vulnerable to the obvious safety and security, break-in, theft, etc...

If I would have had a Liberty Safe at the time I could have had a worry free vacation however the entire time we were on vacation in the back of my mind I was preoccupied thinking and worrying about a variety of "What if" scenarios. What if the house catches fire...., What if someone breaks in and steals all of our valuables....etc...

Should have given myself piece of mind years ago and purchased a Liberty Safe.

One of the best decisions I have ever made....."Better Safe than Sorry".

written by Al on November 12, 2018

Buy a Liberty Safe and no more worries.
written by Tony Travis on November 11, 2018
The paint job is perfect, the inside is beautiful and my weapons and personals are protected. Tony Travis

written by Suz on November 8, 2018

Just Barely Fit
written by GT on November 8, 2018
I got the Lincoln 40 and it just barely fit through the door and made the turn. The guys from West Coast Safes knew their stuff. 45 minutes and they were leaving with everything all cleaned up.

guns are safe
written by ga2re2t on November 8, 2018
liberty safes of Richmond great people great service great delivery....bill was very helpful with my Lincoln and now that it sits in the family room was a great decision the Lincoln is....thanks and the delivery was well worth the money ..they took care in dealing with hardwood floors ..wiped down safe and answered all my questions will spent

written by Jason on November 8, 2018

written by BigBoy on November 6, 2018

A Family Heirloom
written by Michael C. on November 5, 2018
I look at my Liberty safe every day. It is absolutely beautiful inside and out. The fit and finish is amazing, which isn't surprising since it is made id the good old USA! Don't waste your money buying a cheap safe. Buy the real thing.

My Liberty safe will be in my family for generations!

Just What You Need
written by Robert C. on November 5, 2018
This is a real safe that is secure and fireproof......... for all your belongings

When Safety and Security Are Important to You.
written by Chris W. on November 5, 2018
Lincoln Safes are made in the USA by men and women in the USA, who stand behind their quality products with a Lifetime Warranty. What more could one want? Maybe a dehumidifier or a special drawer inside that has a soft interior for your jewelry or electronics? Maybe LED lighting? These safes have all that and more secured in a solid frame that makes you feel like you own your personalized bank vault for the items you cherish most!!

written by JWL on November 3, 2018
Very Happy !!!!!!!

written by Scott on November 2, 2018

Amazing Products!
written by Sean on November 2, 2018
With the purchase of a Lincoln model safe you will get all of the bells and whistles of a great product! The 90 minute fire rating was a huge selling point. Love the products and delivery service.

Functional AND Beautiful
written by Weluvmcgwire on November 2, 2018
Fantastic quality, great accessories, wide range of exterior colors. Looks beautiful in my home and complements my existing d├ęcor. Easily stores my long guns and the door organizer holds all my handguns, clips and more. Love that I have 90 minutes of fire protection, plus a large insulated pocket on the door accessory provides further protection from heat for items such as important documents, jewelry, etc. The adjustable shelving is sturdy enough to easily support heavy items. Love, love, love the lights - I can easily see everything in my safe! Liberty has thought of virtually every need. I will never own another brand of safe - my brother-in-law owns THREE of them,, and now I see why!!!

written by Larry T on November 2, 2018

Top Notch Quality And Service!
written by Northwest Longshore on November 1, 2018
Amazing quality and service! Within 24 hours of purchase it was delivered and installed.

Good solid safe
written by Bladeknight on November 1, 2018
The people at T&T Liberty Safes were very nice and helpful. Would recommend them to anyone needing a safe or that have questions.

written by CMPS on October 31, 2018
beautiful safe with quality features and an outstanding warranty.

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