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Lincoln Series

#1 Rated Safe in America!

One of our mid-level safe lines, the Lincolns are an easy way to get excellent protection and features in an affordable price range. Those features include:

  • 90 minutes of certified fire protection
  • 11-gauge steel safe body
  • Sleek 5-point handle
  • 24 color options
  • Up to 15 - 3/8” thick locking bars
  • Beautiful upgraded 4-in-1 Flex™ interior

The Lincoln models also include these accessories: 

  • Clearview LED wand light kit
  • Electrical outlet kit
  • Jewelry drawer
  • Premium door panel
  • 12" dry rod dehumidifier

Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $2,549
Payments starting as low as $57.98 for 60 months (14.99% APR) or 12 Months Same-As-Cash! On Approved Credit

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Lincoln Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.9 out of 5 stars for 4963 customers ratings and reviews

Good value for the money when purchased on sale
written by dunflyin on February 28, 2019
Lincoln 25 purchased on sale after two years of looking at every other make/model. Very happy with purchase especially flexibility of interior shelving configuration(s). Only complaint is a minor one-particleboard used for shelving.

Top notch safe needs one small tweak
written by Pete on February 28, 2019
The electric cord comes out the back of the safe so you can't push it flush against the wall. Other than that it's a luxury safe.

written by Happy on February 26, 2019

Lincoln 50
written by Tyler on February 26, 2019
The best safes on the Planet!!!!

Perfect Organizer and Storage of Valuables
written by Misko on February 26, 2019
First time to own this brand of safe and so far very impressed with quality and features, especially the lighting inside the safe. Plus, made in the USA.

Owned Cannon, finally moving on up to something nice
written by The Big Mix on February 12, 2019
I've looked at Liberty safes year after year, the same way I used to look at a nice Sharps rifle from the Shiloh Sharps folks in Big Timber Montana. Well it took me a while to buy the Sharp and a little bit longer to buy the Liberty safe, but here I am tickled pink and happy with both. I'll give it a year or so and buy myself another Lincoln, or maybe I'll go off the deep end and get that monster Franklin 50. Good Lord that's a monster.
Mitchell J

Lincoln Series Safe/ Liberty Safe
written by Jacob on February 12, 2019
It is a great safe I highly recommend to family and friends. It's U.S.A made great quality and workmanship. The life time warranty is awesome. The workers are very professional and very helpful. I would not get any other safe brand. Liberty safe is the way to go!!

written by Grant on February 11, 2019

written by happy on January 30, 2019

written by Amazing excellent safe and staff on January 28, 2019
One of the most beautiful safes ever more beautiful than the competitors safes that's for sure just keep up the good work liberty u seem to be doing just fine

Great safe/small blemish/needs better shelves
written by Wyatt on January 24, 2019
Absolutely love my safe other than a small blemish in the paint below the door. No questions asked, i have a set of cover up paint on the way. Love the color of the interior but the shelves are fairly cheaply made. I wish they were covered all the way around the edges vice bare wood on 3 sides. Look forward to having this safe forever! Would definitely order another one.

Long time owner
written by Caleb N. on January 24, 2019
First off, I never leave reviews, but I have owned the Lincoln 40 since 2011 and just had to let people know how I felt about it. This safe has stood up as a quality safe that continues to work like it the day I bought it. I have moved cross country with this safe 4 times (difficult with its weight and size) and its durability is wonderful. I can't personally speak to some of the features in the new models (such as bars vs. bolts) but even now 8 years later my door still swings smooth, overhead lights still work, mechanical lock is still smooth, and bolts retract perfectly. I love the door pockets and adjustable shelving.

If you are looking for a safe that will last for life and you can pass down to your family, Liberty is the way to go. If there is one thing I would have done different if I could go back and do it again, I would have gone with the Lincoln 50 or upgraded to the Presidential 50.

You get what you pay for
written by Joey S on January 23, 2019
and a Safe should last you a lifetime.

you pay for it once, then you enjoy it forever.

I would be miserable looking at a cheap safe with an electronic lock, just WAITING for the lock to die

Best Safe
written by Troy on January 22, 2019
Best safe in the world I've had other cheaper safes and there's no comparison. Awesome quality

Very happy with Lincoln Series Safe
written by twinbugles on January 21, 2019
Very happy with Lincoln Series Safe.

lincoln 50 safe
written by GSF on January 21, 2019
looks good in black, will take a few months to get everting organized the way I want, probably will move up to a peet dehumidifier and maybe a few battery operated lights for times with no power. looking for a foot tray to hold rifle butts in place while guns are leaned into slots, may move up to rifle rods to better organize/ stabilize my collection. Dial lock takes a little getting used to, but functions as advertised, Locks up good and tight on closing, door swing is nice and smooth.

A satisfied discerning customer
written by Discernable Joe on January 20, 2019
I was very impressed with Liberty Safes of New Jersey, Mount Laurel office. From the showroom visit until delivery everything was done as promised. Very refreshing to deal honesty and efficiency.

Best Safe Period!
written by Mike Rodgers on January 20, 2019
Could not be more happy with my Lincoln 25. The feeling of having my valuables protected is priceless. Liberty Safe and the dealer I purchased it from made that happen.
Thank You and God Bless America!

written by SANDY on January 19, 2019

Best Buy Ever
written by RADAR on January 18, 2019
Great safe. Wish I bought it twenty years ago. Quality is what you get. Very good set up inside. No issues with anything. Made in the USA

Sure Shot Liberty for Life
written by Sure Shot on January 16, 2019
We Love the feeling of knowing everything is safe and protected in this Quality product made in the USA. The interior fabric is wonderful with flexible options and lighting with de-humidifier and exceptional door storage panel. I would highly recommend a Liberty Safe for anyone looking for the best.

Nichols Store
written by Alex on January 16, 2019
by far the best sales staff and customer service in this area.

Best safe ever.
written by David on January 15, 2019
Not only is this safe functional and secure, but it is beautiful as well. We receive many compliments just on the looks of the outside. We have had this safe now for 7 years and there are no regrets at all. We have the comfort of knowing our papers and weapons are secure.

Excellent Product
written by Mark L. on January 13, 2019
The Lincoln 50 is a very well made safe that not only functions as designed but is nice looking for such a large metal box. I expect this safe to be in my family for generations.

written by Just purchased on January 13, 2019

Peace of Mind
written by FlyingTractor on January 12, 2019
For years I have looked at gun safes and never found the exact one I was looking for; until the Liberty Lincoln LX50. I just received my gun safe and was able to store all of my guns, along with my wife's jewelry in the provided jewelry box, and important papers and pictures that we wanted to make sure nothing would happen to in the case of a fire. The delivery service was outstanding and setting up the shelves was very easy. My only regret is that I didn't buy the safe sooner, so if you're reading this, stop what you're doing and order your Liberty safe.

written by Give me liberty on January 12, 2019

written by MIKE SPEED on January 11, 2019

Liberty Lincoln
written by Mountain Man on January 11, 2019
Very nice safe

Beautiful safe!
written by Pete on January 10, 2019
Got my new Lincoln safe and it is beautiful! Very well constructed and designed. I got it in the white gloss and it looks like a beautiful piece of furniture! Well, designed and when you close the bolts, you can tell it is ready to go. Plenty of pockets on the door and the lights really allow to see inside.
Jewelry case is a nice touch for those pieces you want to protect. Love this safe!

Lincoln 50
written by Jerome on January 10, 2019
Received my Lincoln 50 in amazing condition with quality service. The new military style locking bars were a major factor in my decision for this purchase. As a military service member I know the importance of protection of the things we work hard for and purchase. As I sit here looking at this amazing safe, I wonder if Liberty would ever make a customizable Marine Corps safe. That would be top notch amazing..

written by Fritz on January 9, 2019

Liberty's on your side
written by Joey B on January 8, 2019
I looked at many safes before choosing Liberty and the main reason I made the purchase with Liberty was all the raving reviews on product warranty seems like they take pride in the product and the backing of that product and that says a lot of a company in todays market. Look forward to owning this Liberty 50 and adding to the collection in the years to come.
Joey B

written by G. STEVENS on January 7, 2019

written by Riley on January 6, 2019

written by Gregory Paul on January 6, 2019

Just can't be beat!
written by Tim Robbins on January 5, 2019
I'll start by saying, this is my 2nd Liberty Safe and I would not even consider another brand. Quality, fit and finish are second to none. So when I was ready for another, I looked for my closest dealer which was 65 miles from me. And what a great choice it was, Ferdinand Safes. Amanda and Paul were nothing but amazing. Amanda spent the time with me over the phone and in person, to explain and answer any questions I had. Paul and his delivery staff were great. Delivery was done flawlessly. I would recommend Ferdinand Safes to anyone. Job well done!!

Great safe. Sketchy lock.
written by Rusty Shackleford on January 5, 2019
My Lincoln 25 looks great and seems very well built.

The S&G electronic lock, however, feels flimsy and was dead-on-arrival when the safe was delivered to me. I had to dig up a new battery before the movers could get into the safe to get it off the pallet.

After just one month (11/26/2018 - 1/5/2019), the battery is dead again and I can't get into my safe without putting a new battery in there again.

So I guess the lock is nice if you don't mind putting a new battery in it every month. I guess I'll have to stock up on 9vs and just keep a stack of them next to the safe.

A safe of a Lifetime
written by DD Mo. on January 5, 2019
After studying and reviewing the Safes available, Liberty Stood Out as The Best Safe for me. Protection of mine and our families treasures are taken care of now.... Thanks Liberty.....

Liberty Safe Lincoln 50 Purchase
written by Big Dog on January 4, 2019
Purchased from Perry's Gun Shop (Liberty Safes of Raleigh). The staff was very knowledgeable about Liberty safes (and safes in general), and was able to make recommendations and provide advice. Perry's Gun Shop also provided the delivery and set up of the safe. The safe is well built and of high quality. The features included lights, a power outlet, de-humidifier, a jewelry drawer, several shelves, flexible storage, storage pockets in the door and an electronic lock.

This review is based on the purchasing experience and the delivery, set and check out of the safe. As I just got the safe, I don't have experience with Liberty's customer support or long term use of the safe.

written by Kurt K on January 4, 2019

It was a Gift
written by Tony Blanco on January 3, 2019
My wife and I received a Liberty Safe from our business partner and love it!

Outstanding Safe
written by Larry Favors on January 2, 2019

written by Lou Pearson on January 2, 2019
have been looking at the link in series for sometime now and finally decided to pull the trigger on the 25 model in burgundy marble and brass. Extremely happy with the size of the safe and it is more of an accent piece as opposed to just a cabinet for security and storage. Very satisfied

The Vanguard of Gun Safes
written by Leon Jarskavir on January 2, 2019
I was in the market looking for something dependable and high-quality to give me peace of mind in this troublesome day and age and I found it in the Lincoln 25. Seeing it in person is believing! It's incredibly sturdy and you can instantly tell it is top-notch quality from thee door and lock to the shelving and upholstery. It's got all the features I could ever want in a safe, and it's darned good looking to boot! Incredibly satisfied, if I ever needed another safe I'd come right on back to Liberty!

Great safe!
written by DW on January 2, 2019
Really like the quality and security that this safe provides for my belongings. Appreciate that this safe is made in the USA!

Best safe for the money. Great looking and completely functiona
written by Nick P. on December 31, 2018
I bought the Lincoln Series safe and couldn't be happier. Best advice I can give and was given is that buy a bigger safe than you think you need. You will regret saving a few hundred dollars for the smaller safe.

written by Pat on December 31, 2018

First impressions
written by Dan on December 30, 2018
So far so good! I only got it a few days ago, but my first impressions are good. The door is heavy but well balanced for easy opening and closing and there are plenty of ways to utilize the available space.

Dr Dan
written by Dr Dan on December 29, 2018
Excellent high quality high value home safe made in America with great fire and burglar protection. Superb staff at West Coast Safes in Ontario, California.

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*Made in the U.S.A. from U.S. and Global Parts.