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Lincoln Series

#1 Rated Safe in America!

Liberty Safe Lincoln Series safes are BIGGER, STRONGER AND TOUGHER than ever before! With it's 90 minutes of Fire Protection and incredible Security Features, it is no wonder the Lincoln Series has been consistently voted as the #1 Rated Safe by Sportsman throughout the country. Lincoln safes also include Liberty's sleek 5-point Handle, 12 Color options, Clearview Lights, and beautiful Upgraded Interiors.

Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $2,649
Payments starting as low as $60.26 for 60 months (12.99% APR) or 12 Months Interest Free! On Approved Credit

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Lincoln Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.9 out of 5 stars for 4742 customers ratings and reviews

Keeping guns in America
written by Randy Lowe on August 11, 2018
I have been extremely satisfied with Liberty safes of Oregon on their quick no B/S warranty service. They took the trouble of contacting Liberty corporate office on and shared photos of a serious problem that had developed with my previous safe and were quick to warrant the product within two days. On the third day I had my new safe and I am very pleased at their staff and the Liberty pledge of customer service is number one. This makes dealing in America the finest in the world. I'm proud to be a Liberty Safe Owner.


Randy Lowe

Lincoln liberty safe
written by Paul J Borowski, Jr. on August 2, 2018
The Lincoln safe I bought is very spacious for all of my guns and the dehumidifier is a great option. I am very pleased with the quality and service of the safe.

Very Satisfied!
written by Blueridge on July 30, 2018
I chose Liberty because they are made in the USA, have several models to choose from, and there is a local dealer near me. I also liked the reviews I found online from other owners. My safe arrived on time and in great condition. The delivery service was very efficient and professional. They took great care to protect my floors from damage during delivery and made sure all my questions were answered before leaving. I could not have asked for a better experience in purchasing or delivering my Liberty safe.

Good looking safe.
written by Durj on July 30, 2018
I did a lot of shopping for a safe for my guns. I needed a quality safe with a good reputation and Liberty kept popping up everywhere I searched. But I also didn't want to spend five figures for a vault. So I decided to get the biggest Lincoln I could get. It should be plenty for my collection and anything else I want to put in it. The options that come with the Lincoln sold me on it. The motion activated lights are really cool and allow me to see anything I need in the dark if needed. And the door panel just adds more room for more guns and all kinds of stuff.

Very Pleased with a Quality Product!! Highly Reccommended!!
written by Steve on July 27, 2018

written by oibbrad on July 27, 2018

written by Oci on July 27, 2018
Wanted a safe for years and now we have the best safe! Peace of mind and it is a beautiful addition to our home. REALLY HAPPY!

Lincoln 40
written by Blaidd Drwg on July 27, 2018
This safe provided all the space and options I need for storage of sensitive documents and firearms. The inside arrangement of the shelves is very flexible.

Lincoln Safe Purchase
written by Bear on July 26, 2018
The dealership Liberty SAfes of San Joe where excellent. They where professional and gave excellent customer service.
The safe we selected, Lincoln Series Safe suited our particular needs.

Peace at last!
written by RCP on July 26, 2018
I have been saving for a while for a Liberty 50. I was always concerned about safely storing my firearms and valuables. Now that it is delivered and I see first hand it's quality I feel relieved. Champagne is a great color too. Looks great in the house. Thanks for a great product Liberty Team!

Northwest Safe is the Best !
written by Dre on July 25, 2018
I would not buy a safe anywhere but Northwest Safe

written by na on July 23, 2018

written by fishmama on July 22, 2018

Just Perfect
written by MidLandsSC on July 22, 2018
The best gun safe around for the price. Absolutely perfect. Plenty of room inside for multiple handguns and multiple long guns. I love the electrical outlet inside. You can easily plug in your golden rod in the back of the safe and forget about it. Great design. Definitely the best bang for your buck.

written by Mark on July 21, 2018
Love the exterior and the interior. Great quality and it's made in the USA. I'm happy with the safe. ????????

Liberty Lincoln safe
written by Lincoln Safe Traveler on July 21, 2018
We looked at many different safes, yes the others were cheaper, both in price and quality. You can tell easily by comparing the same size safe and the weight. The Liberty safe were always heavier = more steel = better safe. Made in USA is very good, all others are imported. Accessories and up grades are great. My dealer was the best! They worked with us up and above!
We started out looking at spending around a $1000. But ended up spend 3 times more just to get a better and bigger safe. I'm not complaining, and are very happy with it. There was no pressure to up size, that was purely my choice, I have learned over the years is you may as well go bigger and better from the start than buy small and cheap and wished you hadn't!
Only complaint so far is the safe came with jewelry box and the drawer on it does not pull all the way out before it hints the open door, I relocated from center of shelving to far left side, this helped but don't not completely solve problem.
We went with the key pad lock for speed and easy. I was looking at both key pad and dail they both have hint and misses. I hope the electronics don't fail me but it is nice to open fast, plus the ability to change combo at any time.
The finish is holding up great, we bought the safe and move over 900 miles, with all the handling on moving safe the finish is holding up well.

We liked our fist safe so much, we bought another.
written by Samuel Clemens on July 20, 2018
The Lincoln 25 has a great fire rating and locking mechanism. The interior is just what we needed, really adjustable. It looks like a piece of furniture, attention to detail and quality shows. This is our second safe from Liberty.

written by Mr Tom on July 19, 2018
Nice looking for any room nice paint, all the bells and whistles. It took a while to get it but it was worth the wait.

Great way to protect your investment
written by Ryan on July 18, 2018
This was the perfect size for my collection, especially for my longer rifles. It seals up really well so I won't be worrying about any moisture, even with the added protection of the electric dehumidifier. I am waiting on another open wedge panel, since I do not like the closed racks of the collector panels. But other than that it is well worth the price.

Lincoln 25 is perfect for smaller spots
written by Clayton in CA on July 17, 2018
Got the lincoln 25 due to limited room and bolted it into a slab for extra security. Love the finish, hardware is solid and the quality is obvious. Hands down worth the investment!

written by nino on July 15, 2018
excellent product!

written by nino on July 15, 2018
excellent product!

written by Bud on July 15, 2018
I got the safe that I always wanted & the quality above what I expected!

Judd Review
written by JJ on July 14, 2018

Wow Impressed
written by Duane on July 14, 2018
All My Friends are now envious , Have the best safe ever Thanks Liberty !!!!!!

Vance Smith
written by Pops on July 14, 2018
I had an excellent experience in buying a Liberty Safe. Billy, at Shooters in Columbus, went over every detail and listened to my needs and helped me pick the right safe. I picked Shooters because of a good experience 6 months ago when making several purchases. Liberty Safe's solid history, fire rating and dependability helped make this an easy choice. Thanks!!

Beautiful big safe
written by John Steinbeck on July 13, 2018
This safe is well made and a great size. Very good looking safe that's reasonably priced.

Great safe - Great value
written by John on July 12, 2018
I looked at various safes before buying the Lincoln LX35. Two main features that made me decide on the Lincoln were the ball bearings behind the lock and the cam over lock make this safe more secure than any others I looked at. Then add the pocket storage system on the inside of the door makes this safe very versatile.

Liberty Lincoln 35
written by Kevinv on July 12, 2018
Looked at a lot of safes, some at the big box stores and small safe and lock stores. The liberty was by far higher quality than the other brands I looked at. The service and knowledge at Moore Security helped make the choice very easy. Had the safe delivered and installed by same store. Hope to have many years of trouble free use from my nice looking new safe.

Great safe.
written by Tipmoose on July 12, 2018
We spent several weeks comparing and contrasting the various safes from Liberty and others. We settled on the Lincoln model and are very happy with it. The safe is rock solid and offers us great peace of mind. We are confident that the thieves in our area won't be able to breach this safe, and it feels good to know our valuables are protected in case of fire. The locking mechanism works flawlessly and the craftsmanship is top notch. I love the built in LED lights and the jewelry box. Could not be happier with our purchase.

written by EMMETT ANDREWS on July 11, 2018

Lincoln 25
written by Dallan D. on July 10, 2018
We were in the market for a safe and after looking at different companies and making several phone calls we went with Liberty. We purchased a Champagne colored Lincoln 25 safe and couldn't be happier. Not only does it look great, but it gives us peace of mind that our most precious memories will be protected. Quality construction, made in the USA and a lifetime warranty on fire and break in how can you go wrong? If you doubt what I say go to your nearest Liberty Dealer and you will quickly understand!

Liberty Lincoln 40 in White Marble
written by New Lincoln 40 owner on July 10, 2018
This is the nicest safe I have ever owned!
After using the Liberty online tool to select a safe based on my needs, I decided on a Lincoln 40 in White Marble.
The safe arrived in pristine condition and was expertly installed and bolted to the foundation.
The fit and finish of the unit is perfect, and I can configure the shelving any way I choose.
I especially like the door pockets and fire resistant document compartments which allow me to store more items in the safe.
I also appreciate that the unit comes with all the necessary accessories in the basic package - dehumidifier, LED lighting, motion sensor.
I upgraded to the electronic lock since I wanted quicker access and the convenience of opening the safe a couple times a day.

Made in the USA, lifetime warranty, and a great reputation, I'm very pleased with my purchase.

written by Tavrou on July 10, 2018

Liberty Lincoln 50
written by Justin A. Martin on July 9, 2018
Safe is a beautiful and large safe that is able to hold a large amount of guns. It also has plenty of room to store other valuable items. I would buy another Lincoln if it was needed and recommend Liberty Lincoln safes to anyone who is looking for a gun safe. The safe is so beautiful that it actually is more like a piece of furniture.

Mind at Ease
written by Mark A. on July 8, 2018
Between the reputation of quality, functionality, warranty, accessory options and upgrades, purchasing a Liberty Safe over another manufacturer was a no-brainer.

written by KENNY RAY on July 8, 2018

Lincoln 40
written by DK on July 7, 2018
Beautiful safe with great features. Plenty of room for firearms and other personal items. Definitely recommend this safe to others.

Good purchase
written by Seidele on July 6, 2018
Pleased with the safe however, the door has been sagging and would like to get it fixed.

The Liberty Products are as Honest as the Lincoln Series I just
written by Don on July 5, 2018
I just received my LibertyLincoln SeriesSafe today. I purchased it from Moore Security in Houston, Texas. This is a family owned business with a great showroom and knowledgable staff. I was very happy to meet Joe Moore and have him explain the benefits and quality of the Liberty Safes. I never felt pressured to purchase anything. Joe asked a lot of questions about what led me to purchasing a safe. Once I explained my needs, he directed me to the "Lincoln Series" safe and told me the benefits of purchasing this particular safe.

He worked up an invoice and showed me what the delivery price would be and when would I want it delivered. I told him and we agreed. I offered today him on the spot and he said no not until we have delivered the safe and it is installed will we accept payment.

Josh brought the safe to the minute that he said he would and treated it like it were his on. He was meticulous in unloading, moving it into the house and installing it. He cleaned up the wrappings and the dust from the lag bolt holes he drilled.

He took another twenty (20) minutes showing me every detail he could and once he was done, I understood how to open, close and care for my safe. He showed me how to register it for the lifetime warranty.

I have been in business for forty three years and customer service is important to me. Moore Security and Liberty Safes are a winning combination.


Don Mullins
Hannon Hydraulics

Quality Safe, Esthetically pleasing - Lincoln 22 in White with g
written by Charles on July 2, 2018
This is a sturdy, well constructed, nicely finished product. You could place this in a living room and enjoy it's appearance. I have a white safe with gold trim, electronic lock. It's really a nice looking piece of craftsmanship. It's in my den. The life warranty go a long way with me, along with this is made in America.
Opening the safe, a motion sensor turns on an interior light. There are plenty of shelves and room to expand storage of long rifles. I've only stored 7 on one side and have plenty of room for more. The door pockets are great. Even has a jewelry drawer, and a "cold" pocket for fire protection of documents. Well designed, well built.
I enjoy beholding my new piece of "furniture" and enjoy even more opening it up and looking inside!
If you buy a Liberty safe, you won't be sorry!

First Impressions
written by KLEG on July 2, 2018
Excellent safe with excellent delivery. Really like the interior of this safe. Liberty puts more quality and thought into this attribute. The way it's laid out and the ability to arrange shelving is great. I have a trophy and the Lincoln interior is much more flexible and of higher quality.

Leading the way
written by L. on July 1, 2018
I bought this safe with the intent to store guns, other valuables, and documents. I liked the look, style and options that Liberty provided. Most important, I liked the reputation and warranty that Liberty provides. I went big on my purchase, had to remove a picture window in my basement to get it in my house. I'm glad I went through the hassle though because I couldn't be happier with this purchase.

Worlds #1 safes
written by Mendez 408 on June 29, 2018
It was a great experience buying a safe at the San Jose retailer store , peace of mind having a safe now and so far I love this Lincoln series safe I bought, I recommend this safes to anyone, well made and awesome warranty I'm glad I was able to buy one , thanks to Isaac from liberty safes in San Jose ca .

written by Rocketmansvette on June 29, 2018

Proud Liberty Safe Owner
written by Very Pleased on June 23, 2018
I'm very pleased with my Liberty Safe, it has exceeded my expectations in every respect. My buying experience delivery were outstanding. I highly recommend Liberty Safes and Kristofer Bouchan in San Antonio, TX!

Liberty at Home
written by Gray Eagle on June 22, 2018
Although a bit heavy the LZ 25 has found a new home. Already full we are in search of a partner to handle the rest of the personal inventory. It looks great as well and I know everything in it will remain safe.

Lincoln safe
written by Williams454 on June 21, 2018
Great safe for the money. Fin feather fur outfitters in Ashland, Ohio. They had good prices, great service and great delivery. You can't beat it.

written by Jim on June 18, 2018
We were convinced that we would buy a Liberty safe when we found out that two of our friends who had the misfortune of losing their homes to fires were able to save all of the possessions contained in their Liberty safes even though the rest of their homes were lost. Guns, jewelry, and important documents were safely retrieved in spite of the intensity of the heat.

It's a Liberty... what else do you need to know?
written by Andy on June 18, 2018
Our family has owned these safes for decades and they never let you down, nor does the company. Buy with confidence.

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