Made in the USA

Lincoln Series

#1 Rated Safe in America!

One of our mid-level safe lines, the Lincolns are an easy way to get excellent protection and features in an affordable price range. Those features include:

  • 90 minutes of certified fire protection
  • 11-gauge steel safe body
  • Sleek 5-point handle
  • 24 color options
  • Up to 15 - 3/8” thick locking bars
  • Beautiful upgraded 4-in-1 Flex™ interior

The Lincoln models also include these accessories: 

  • Clearview LED wand light kit
  • Electrical outlet kit
  • Jewlery drawer
  • Premium door panel
  • 12" dry rod dehumidifier

Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $2,549
Payments starting as low as $57.98 for 60 months (14.99% APR) or 18 Months Same-As-Cash! On Approved Credit

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Lincoln Ratings and Reviews

Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating

Average 4.9 out of 5 stars for 4963 customers ratings and reviews

written by kenneth reinhardt on December 29, 2018
A1 Safe was very knowledgeable on different liberty safe models and accessories and was easy to work with! Safe was delivered on time and would highly recommend Liberty and A1 safe!!!

written by ATL on December 29, 2018

Best safe ever....
written by C.A.P. Inc. on December 28, 2018
Absolutely beautiful safe along with being the best safe build. This safe is awesome, the best of the best.

Great Safes !!!
written by Chad on December 28, 2018
Great safe, easy people to talk to and get product information from..And made in the USA !!

Great safe
written by Jeff on December 27, 2018
Quality construction!

written by Ron on December 24, 2018

written by Billybif on December 23, 2018

Lots of so called safes out there but few real safes Liberty the
written by Dan on December 23, 2018
It's the series in top pertection

Excellent product
written by Roger on December 22, 2018
My second Lincoln safe. Great protection and excellent craftsmanship.

Great safe with great service.
written by Scott H on December 21, 2018
My liberty Lincoln safe is awesome! Great construction, fit and finish.

great looking safe
written by DAN on December 21, 2018
great safe and is very sharp looking, goes well with our home

Excellent Safe
written by Jim from NC on December 21, 2018
I love the quality of my Liberty safe. The outside is finished perfectly and the lock mechanism is smooth and very impressive. The interior looks very nice. If the shelves were made of plywood rather than particle board I would give the safe a perfect five star rating.

Lincoln 50
written by J.M. on December 19, 2018
Phenomenal safe! I feel my valuables are safe and secure at all times.

written by MItt on December 19, 2018

written by Dewy on December 18, 2018

Beautiful Safe! I am so excited to load it up!
written by Cameron Kartak on December 17, 2018
The safe was only installed 3 or so hours ago by NorthWest Safe ( they are THE safe company for Washington. They serviced my house which is well outside their range of where they will work, and they gave me a discount on the purchase to boot! They are very friendly people, awesome customer service. The owner Jeff Sr met with me before the shop even opened the first day he got back from a couple week vacation. He was behind on emails by a couple weeks and still spent probably about 2 hours with me on the floor. He never made me feel like i was wasting his time or trying to rush me. I had multiple questions, probably more then the average consumer would have. They gave me a good product, for a good price, and offered an amazing install service!

The safe itself, It was installed 3 hours ago. It is a liberty so I assume it is going to be amazing! If i have issues i will try to update the review. But so far so good!

God Bless American Made Products! And God Bless the USA!

written by Wildman on December 17, 2018

Beauty and Security All In One
written by Skyler Mehrer on December 15, 2018
My Liberty Lincoln is a great mixture of both beauty and security. I have shopped around and considered many different safes although decided to pull the trigger on a Liberty. I am impressed with the build quality and many of the features that come with the Lincoln. This safe is heavy built and will be in my family for years to come. This was a lifetime investment for sure. Great USA MADE product that stands out in the crowd of overproduced cheaper safes.

Finally Bought One!!
written by Dave V on December 14, 2018
I finally bought my first Liberty Safe and and at 60 years old I feel like a kid with a new Toy!! The overall quality and finish of my safe was fantastic and the dealer that I purchased from (Moore Security in Houston TX.) were fantastic. I look forward to filling it up now!!!

Liberty 50
written by Tom O. on December 14, 2018
Had researched in home safes for several months looking for a good quality safe that I could use to secure my guns, ammunition and important personal documents. Fire rating and security were my primary reasons for purchasing my Liberty Safe. Found a local dealer to view the Liberty safes and was able to purchase a Liberty 50 for the same price as the Liberty 40. Dealer told me they were going on sale the next day and I could call or come back the next day so he could complete the order once it was on sale. He saved me $450.00 by doing this and he didn't have too. Definitely earned my business and recommendations to my friends who are looking for safes.

Liberty Safe
written by JX 42042 on December 13, 2018
I have not regretted purchasing my Liberty safe. It has surpassed my expectations, so much so I will be making another Liberty safe purchase in the near future.

written by Tommy C on December 13, 2018
Love the safe, there's no doubt of the quality and craftsmanship is American made. If you want the best,
Liberty Lincoln is the way to go.

written by Joshua B. on December 12, 2018

I would highly recommend
written by Summerland on December 11, 2018
Professional safe and beautiful design

Satisfied Customer
written by John in VA on December 11, 2018
Very satisfied with my purchase of the Lincoln 25 safe in a gloss white finish. Product has great fit and finish. Delivery was on time, professional and courteous. Having the flexibility in the shelve alignment, and door organizer, is great and allows for ample options in storage of my valuables, firearms, and important documents.

Liberty Experience
written by Jason on December 10, 2018
Fantastic experience, Mark and staff at 360 Security Products in Columbia SC are knowledgeable professionals. It was a great buying experience, with wonderful people and a great product! The delivery and instillation was on time and done right. Mark took the time to make sure I was comfortable with the operations of the safe before he and partner left. Thanks again!

written by The Hawk on December 7, 2018
Great Quality- Excellent Reputation!

written by Lynne Tucker on December 7, 2018

written by Sam Smith on December 7, 2018

written by Daniel on December 6, 2018

Best safe!
written by Mike on December 1, 2018
Live my new safe! Would not have gotten a different brand! Excellent quality safe!

written by EL on November 30, 2018

Lincoln 40 - Simply Beautiful
written by Meghan F. on November 29, 2018
I purchased the Lincoln 40 and love it. It just arrived today as my early Christmas present and I keep opening it just to look at how beautiful it is. it is worth every penny. You will be glad you didn't go with a lesser quality product.

Lincoln 25 exceeds expectations
written by Very Pleased Buyer in NY on November 29, 2018
Looked at many brands, spoke to people who know what to look for in a safe and then spoke to the local dealer (Smoke Wagon, LLC Jason Muehr - Owner) to answer last questions and Liberty Safes were the top contenders for quality, features, value-added accessories and delivery/setup. The wide range of products offered and their promotional specials made the final selection of a Lincoln 25 our choice. Fire rating and construction were two key factors and their resistance to break-in shown in how-to videos on their company website reinforced our decision.

Now that the safe is installed, the detailed craftsmanship and well designed layout combined with the high quality materials and robust construction are all evident. If you have a chance, go see one up close. Since we couldn't before we bought it, I am pleased to say that our expectations were exceeded when it was installed.

Outstanding Quality and Customer Service
written by Z on November 29, 2018
Liberty Safes are the best buy when related to quality and value for the money. West Coast Safe owner and employees provide excellent customer service and expertise.

Liberty Safe
written by Mrs. Miller on November 29, 2018
My husband and my son in law have liberty safes and love them. I put my things in my husbands safe and he then decided I needed my own. Love the looks and the quality of the safes and that I why I chose the Liberty safe

Great Gunj Safe
written by Showboatsix on November 28, 2018
We purchased our two Lincoln Safes to store our aircraft documents in.
Great quality, great looking , professional safe.

Liberty 50
written by Charlie Lombardo on November 28, 2018
Great layout inside. You can fiddle with the shelves and layout to suit needs. The width and height,72" high. Makes it suitable for any length long guns. The AKs and 10/22 lay across the two upper shelves. The door sleeve holds almost all my revolvers,( almost because I have a heap of revolvers). The pouches hold smaller pocket pistols. The elastic handles magazines. Haven't filled the zippered pockets, yet. Shelves are sturdy and can handle weight within reason. Shelves will handle multiple Pistol holders. Generally a well designed unit with quality parts,IE: shelves, lighting, dehumidifier.

Great security
written by Jack on November 26, 2018
I love this safe! It is good looking, rugged and built well. I love the fire protection.

new safe
written by Pleased on November 26, 2018
A great safe which does the job and looks very nice. Hasn't caught on fire yet so i'm not sure how fire proof it really is, but i'll take the engineer's word for it.

My 1st safe
written by Fred on November 25, 2018
The purchase of our liberty,Lincoln 25 gloss black safe was made easy. My wife and I stopped in Dependable Lock, in Nashua New Hampshire . We worked with the owners Bill &Gayle in less than an hour we we had enough information to feel comfortable and happy with the liberty 25 safe. We set a date for the delivery, everything went very smooth from picking out the safe all the way threw placement of our safe. Great experience.

Liberty White Lincoln Safe
written by Dan on November 24, 2018
As I have mentioned this is my second Liberty Lincoln safe. After a burglar tried to access my first one and failed; I would not think of purchasing anything but a Liberty safe. My new white Lincoln is even nicer that my older black one. I can't wait to fill it up.

Locked and secure
written by Gman on November 24, 2018

Second Safe
written by Gman on November 24, 2018

Very solid safe!
written by Scott on November 22, 2018
Very solid well built safe. I own a Champion safe. However, we have out grown it and needed more space (always buy bigger than you think). We went and looked at the Champions again just to keep them matching for ascetic reasons. Ended up buying a Liberty Lincoln. Really feel like we bought a quality safe that Liberty will stand behind forever. Paid extra for the upgraded safe. There is a difference in quality and strength. Take your time and shop and inspect. If at all possible don't buy on price alone. You pay for what you get.

First safe - love it
written by Katina on November 22, 2018
Lots of room for valuables. The interior lighting option is very nice. The keypad is easy to use. I feel much better knowing my guns are locked away.

A gun safe tall enough to store US Millitary Muskets
written by N-SSA Shooter on November 21, 2018
I bought a Lincoln 40 because it was tall enough to store my 58" long US Military Muskets and give them a chance of surviving a fire. I modified the top self that locked into the center wall so I can store 14 of them at one time. Was able to store an Model 1850 officer's sword in the pistol area of the door panel and some Derringers in the magazine storage loops. Exactly as advertised. Functions perfectly. New Military bolts hold the door tight with minimal play. It is hard to find a gun safe specifically for an antique firearm collector, but this is the closest that I found.

written by sm on November 19, 2018

Reasonably well satisfied
written by Satisfied Customer on November 18, 2018
Safe was delivered in a professional fashion. Delivery staff took time to make sure my questions were answered. Factory installed interior lights did not function properly. Hopefully Liberty will favorably consider my warranty claim. Otherwise, safe appears as advertised with no shipping damage.

Secure, functional and beautiful...
written by Smiley Face... on November 18, 2018
It's an easy choice to go first class with Liberty. The Store was well stocked and moved me towards a full feature safe that literally appears and functions like a impenetrable jewelry box. Way cool...