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When space is at a premium, look no further than the best compact safe to meet that need... Liberty Safe PREMIUM 20! Specifically built to fit within a 24 inch deep closet or any custom location, this security safe for the home has 75-mins of fire protection and ample security. Beautifully trimmed and fully customizable interior. Packed with features like an electronic lock and 2 jewelry doors...the Premium 20 is a sweet safe in a compact package.

Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $1,699
Payments starting as low as $38.65 for 60 months (14.99% APR) or 12 Months Same-As-Cash! Subject to credit approval.

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Premium 20 Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.8 out of 5 stars for 336 customers ratings and reviews

Love our safe
written by SaferNow on October 25, 2019
We thought we would want a smaller safe, but we are so glad we went with the larger size. We are finding that we are already growing into it and it fits perfectly in our closet. We also had it bolted to the floor so we are feeling secure about leaving our home on long vacations. Very happy with this purchase.

written by Justin French on October 6, 2019

Love our Liberty Safe!
written by A very satisfied customer on September 17, 2019
Only had our safe a short time, but we are loving the security it gives us. Very user friendly. So many places to put our important things. Thanks, Liberty.

Another Great Proiduct
written by mikeium on September 17, 2019
I purchased this safe based on how satisfied I was with a Lincoln I purchased about a year and a haft ago. These two complement each other, one for firearms and important papers, the other for ammunition. I bought this is because this is the third safe I own by Liberty. I also own a Handgun Vault. Bottom line is you can't go wrong with a Liberty safe.

Excellent Customer Service
written by Daniel on August 8, 2019
I bought a Premium 20 Series Safe which was delivered today. The safe is very well constructed and the workmanship appears excellent. The interior is well designed and offers sufficient space to accommodate what I previously had in mind. I bought the safe from Moore Security which is Liberty's Authorized Dealer in Houston. Joe Moore helped me with the selection and recommendations. Joe is a very honest and straight talking gentleman. It is evident that Joe is extremely knowledgeable with the products that Moore Security represents. The safe was delivered and installed by Josh Moore. Josh called me earlier in the week to set up the delivery time. He called again on the day of delivery and showed up at our house precisely on-time. The installation was very efficient. Josh even cleaned all the wheels of the hydraulic dolly thoroughly before he pushed it through our door to make sure that there were scuff marks on the floor. I am very happy with the safe that I purchased.

Great safe!
written by Ted on July 17, 2019
I just got the save delivered today I love the Interior lighting and the pouches on the door. The shelves were very easy to move around where I needed them.

Great Safe
written by Ben Smith on June 30, 2019
The Premium 20 was exactly what I was looking for. Fits in a closet, multiple layout options, dial (manual lock) available, good quality and fire rating.

Premium 20
written by Roddy Knows on May 29, 2019
Good quality safe without the big price!!

Premium 20
written by Yankee Jim on May 25, 2019
This safe is just what i was looking for. Small enough to fit in a closet, but very heavy, and able to move with help from a friend. This is a real quality safe, with high fire rating, and heavy enough that it would be hard to carry off. I caught a really good sale on this, and it was similar in price to a lot of lower quality safes. I am very happy with this purchase, and would do it again. I highly recommend this product, and dealer.

Clean excellent product.
written by Billy Jones on March 26, 2019
I looked at several different manufacturers. Even though this safe was a lot more than others it had what I wanted on the inside, a cleaner look and my wife liked it.
I also liked that it was made in America with American labor. Delivery was also offered that was not offered and several places.

NW Safes Wa a pleasure to deal with
written by Josh on March 22, 2019

Second safe
written by Ken M. on March 13, 2019
I haven't had much chance to use the safe at this point. This is my second closet safe. The first one is overflowing so we had to do something. We weren't in favor of a larger safe that would be placed in the family room or living room, to much of a focal point. This safe is as big as our closet can hold without taking up the usable room. I like that it has 75 min. Burn time hopefully that won't be tested! Beautiful safe!

we love safe and Moore Security,LLC
written by DGS on March 7, 2019
Moore Security, LLC were great to work with, fast and delivered and installed!! So happy!

written by B on February 28, 2019
Very nice, USA made, safe.

Great safe, great value
written by SS Compound on January 30, 2019
We just survived Hurricane Michael and realized how vulnerable our important papers, jewelry and guns have been by not being kept in a safe. We're thankful these didn't get blown away and now feel secure in the safety of these items from now on.

Premium 20
written by Big Boy on January 9, 2019
My premium 20 Liberty safe that I bought from a West Sacramento dealership is such a great buy. I recommend this great safe to anyone .It's perfect for houses with limited space as well as houses with adequate space but need to hide or conceal a lot better. It's fully loaded with all the bells and whistle's and also perfect for your wife with that awesome jewelry collection of hers . The staff at liberty safe in West Sacramento are super awesome very helpful and patient and very knowledgeable about all the liberty collections . So if you're looking or in the market to buy a safe the brand is liberty and the place to buy from is in West Sacramento California and one of the most important things that I should mention is they have free coffee .

Love the safe!
written by Matt on November 20, 2018
The Liberty Safe far exceeded my expectations. I especially like the fact that there's both an internal power hookup & CAT 5 connection.

Premium 20
written by S on August 22, 2018
Have only had for 1 week - but was delivered promptly and set up was as expected. Very happy with all of the shelving options. Can fit a variety of needs

The perfect home safe
written by Ray on July 29, 2018
The Premium 20 is the perfect home safe for me, so much so that I purchased a second one. In the event that I would have to move, I'd rather have two smaller safes rather than a much larger and heavier one. It fits conveniently in small spaces. I like the way it is designed with no hinges on the outside, and the fact that it is made in America is a huge plus!

feel secured and safe
written by El Brody on July 2, 2018
Never had a safe before, The Liberty Safe is a great investment to save our valuables and guns and rifles.
My wife has some very special jewelry that needs to be guarded and kept in a safe place. This Liberty safe has so much room and space .
I strongly recommend this safe for anyone who wants to be and feel secured with family valuables , documents and cash.
You will feel safer and sleep better at night.

written by N/A on June 12, 2018

straight to the point
written by Mel Wilson on May 4, 2018
I like the No BS sales staff other stores started adding to the invoice for delivery, service call and also installation, the lag bolts were extra. Koonz said here is the cost of the safe here is the delivery charge everything included.
I said can you deliver it Thursday am they said yes!
They did. I payed case closed.

written by Vance B. on April 11, 2018

Happy Customer
written by Mr Wonderful on April 5, 2018
We selected this safe because of the ability to configure the interior to fit our needs, and the space available to place the safe. Love that they are made in the USA.

Nice safe, if you can find it
written by Joe in Florida on March 3, 2018
I recently purchased a Premium 20 safe. I had searched the Liberty website, but didn't find this one, as it is under the "Specialty Safe" tab. I wanted a safe that could go into a standard depth closet. After failing to find this one on the website, I went to The Bullet Hole store in Sarasota, Florida to see if they knew of a safe that would meet my requirements. They showed me the brochure for this safe and I ordered one. I am very happy with this safe. I trust that over time it will live up to the Liberty reputation for quality.

Liberty - it would be nice if you asked about depth restriction in your "Which safe is right for You?" section of your website. If I had known about this safe, I would have made my purchase much sooner. Overall though, your website is much better than average.
Liberty's Response:
Thanks for the feedback!  We'll pass it along for consideration. 

Just Right!
written by Mike in CraziCali on February 24, 2018
Bought this safe to replace an older safe that the manufacturer was bought out by someone else. The electronic lock failed on the old safe and the new company would not take care of my problem, so I looked at Liberty safe and was obviously the right company to go with for the long term investment. I feel very comfortable now and I am sure there will not be this issue again or when it gets passed down to someone in my family.

Quality Safe!
written by Old Timer 64 on February 8, 2018
Just had safe delivered and placed today. Nice size if space is limited and looks very nice. Changed the electronic lock combination all by myself! ( 64 Yrs old ) Looking forward to many years of enjoying greater peace of mind.

Great Quality and Lifetime Warranty!
written by G. Green on January 26, 2018
Great safe interior with many compartments for storage.
Flex interior is a great additive.
The life time warranty is great, and the delivery service was outstanding!

written by TJ on January 11, 2018
This product if of incredibly high quality. I feel I got the right safe for the right price.

Safe for coat closet
written by Tom on December 27, 2017
If you need a smaller safe for a coat closet, don't overlook the Premium 20. It fits nicely in a 30" wide coat closet.

written by GENE on December 24, 2017
safe was as expected from retail store. staff was great/polite/knowlegeable. delivery was a snap- delivered on time. perfect size for my needs and MADE IN THE USA

Chuck G Review
written by Chuck G on December 13, 2017

First time owner
written by Nick R on October 27, 2017
This is my first time owning a safe. After much "talk" with the wife, she/we decided we needed to have one. Now that I have it I could not be happier. I would say the Premium 20 is a great first safe for a newly married couple with no kids, couple guns, irreplaceable items they want safe, passports, checkbooks, and other personal files. It fits perfectly in my closet, but I am more than happy to let it be seen as it is beautiful. Thank you for making a great product. I will be buying again for our next home.

Boulder Pass
written by Ed K on October 26, 2017
I was very pleased with the product and the delivery person was excellent. He reviewed the locking features of the safe and i could see how secure the safe can be.
Thank you

Solid construction
written by Southern Hunter on October 22, 2017
This safe is a quality product and can fit easily in a small space. The inside is designed to give great flexibility. This is my second Liberty Safe.

written by JENJOM on September 5, 2017

written by Owen Wayne Smith on September 1, 2017

written by Butch on August 22, 2017

written by HBox on August 4, 2017

Premium 20
written by Premium 20 Buyer on July 22, 2017
Love this safe!
High quality, well-made and good fit and finish.
Especially like the high fire protection rating.

Great safe!
written by Lando Calrissian on July 5, 2017
The safe is very well built and arrived in perfect condition.

Closet safe
written by Jerry on June 28, 2017
Quality is excellent fire protection very good for closet safe how can you go wrong with a Liberty Safe

Premium 20 Safe
written by new safe owner on June 16, 2017
We are now able to organize our important documents, guns, and other valuables. This safe has a great layout. Fit perfectly into our closet.

new safe
written by sam adams on May 24, 2017
this is a new safe and the first one we have purchased from liberty. so far we love our safe. thanks to liberty for making this model which fits our needs.

Excellent Quality, Fit & Finnish
written by Louis, Sandpoint on April 21, 2017
This safe was all I expected and more. It is highly configurable and provides the important accessories such as lighting, dehumidifier and entry monitoring. Very good value for the money.

Ultimate Quality
written by Bill Carroll on April 21, 2017
I've had this safe for about six months and I'm sooooooo glad that I didn't get one of the cheaper safes that I looked at. The dealer here in Ft. Myers , Koons Locksmiths, was very helpful when I was looking over all of the selection that he had in his showroom. He answered all of my questions and I never felt hurried or rushed while I was there. The quality is flawless and the features are well above anything else that I looked at. I had read a lot of reviews about the company beforehand and I didn't read a bad one at all. It was really more than I was expecting to pay, but now that I have it I would do it all over again if need be. The installation was done by total professionals. I was very impressed by the entire experience. Five stars should go to the dealer and their crew as well. You can't go wrong buying a Liberty safe. By the way, the fire rating on this safe is excellent also.

Great Product!
written by B & B Cole on April 18, 2017
So glad we purchased this safe. It gives us peace of mind that we can lock up the guns, our important papers and sentimental/valuable jewelry out of sight. We like the fact that the safe has a 75 minute fire rating. It fit perfectly in a closet and was just the right size for us.

Excellent Safe!
written by J Mike on April 15, 2017
Just what I needed to fit into the closet. Small enough to fit but large enough to get my valuables organized.

The Best!
written by DFish on April 12, 2017
From purchase to install, very professional.

written by Alf 1964 on March 25, 2017
Excellent safe and well made, good price for value. Excellent reputaton

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*Made in the U.S.A. from U.S. and Global Parts.