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Private 20 Gray Marble
Made in the USA


Security for Tight Spots

Liberty's new Private 20 small gun safe is an affordable safe in a compact package. The Private 20 is available in textured black and an upgraded gray marble finish with 3-pt handle and key locking dial. With a 30 minute fire package and basic security features, this safe is perfectly designed to give you good protection in tighter spots and even functions as a closet gun safe.

Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $1,099
Payments starting as low as $25 for 60 months (14.99% APR) or 12 Months Same-As-Cash! Subject to credit approval.

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Private 20 Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.9 out of 5 stars for 301 customers ratings and reviews

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Very nice starter safe
written by Big Lou on August 4, 2020
The Private 20 is a very good safe for someone who needs a safe In a small space. It could use a 1 inch bar stock behind the frame where the military bars lock in place. Besides that, it is a great beginners safe.

written by Ss on September 18, 2018

Great quality for the price.
written by Tom on December 16, 2017
Very impressed with the build quality of this safe.

Very happy
written by Harry Brit on September 7, 2017
Good quality American made safe, reasonably priced to safe guard firearms and valuables

Great safe
written by IsserC on June 13, 2017
Great safe for long guns and pistols. I really like it. I would have rated it 5 but the inside door hanger for pistols was not included as part of the initial product. Liberty should have included it in the basic cost.

Overall great, but a few things could be fixed
written by Daniel on May 26, 2017
I ordered this safe from a dealer, and had it delivered and installed. Set up could be easier, I accidentally locked myself out of the safe for 30 minutes while trying to change the code. The only complaints I have is that the inside had wood/foam shavings and staples on the floor. Also, the shelf mounts are uneven and because of this the shelves on the left side are slightly at an angle. Overall I would buy this safe again and would recommend it to anyone. Liberty has excellent warranty and customer service.

first time purchase
written by #1AMERICAN on April 14, 2017
this is the first gun safe purchase and. Will not be the last I will need a bigger one but the cost will be the issue maybe look in too a vault door for a room in stead

Great quality and warranty for a fair price
written by John Doe on January 29, 2017
I needed a smaller safe for a second smaller home, where I could feel comfortable about taking and storing any guns/valuables. The price point along with warranty for a 20 gun safe that has appropriate bolts for locking is great. While fire protection wasn't my main concern, this model still had what I consider to be adequate for its purpose with a 40 minute rating. Delivery was free and simple. Build quality is excellent, plenty of organizational options to tune the safe to what your looking to store i.e. extra shelves, movable shelves/supports. Overall a great deal and value.

My only reason for giving the good rating instead of excellent is the almost requirement of purchasing accessories. If you want/need a dehumidifier rod not only do you have to purchase it, but an electrical adapter as well (solely based on the design by liberty). I do understand this looks and is probably a more secure option than some safes which have pre-drilled electrical cord holes, but still having to pay extra for an option that is a necessity makes me feel like I'm being nickel and dimed for some icing profit on the already several thousand dollars I've spent on the safe. This isn't a huge issue, just something that pinged me the wrong way.

Liberty private 48 gun
written by Jack meoff on January 27, 2017
Liberty private 48 nice safe ,lots of storage, wish fire rating was higher and door handle was a spoked handel

Private 48 Good Value for Dollar
written by Jesse on October 11, 2016
This was actually a Private 48 safe. After I saw it in person and carefully evaluated my needs I decided on this safe. I could have spent hundreds more but would have been buying features I honestly did not need for my requirements.

Function at a good price
written by USMC veteran on September 27, 2016
A good entry level safe with good storage options with the flex interior. Will keep your firearms safe and out of dishonest hands.

Great Product
written by Elliot on September 22, 2016
Great product & Great value. USA made!

Nice safe
written by K. S. on September 19, 2016
The safe was big enough to store the small amount of handguns I have along with some ammunition and a couple of long guns. It was ready enough to set up and also relatively easy to secure to the floor. It would be nice if there was a way to secure it to a wall stud without hurting the fire time rating. The price was good and the salesman was knowledgeable and helpful.

Private 20
written by Martin on September 15, 2016

Happy with Private 20
written by Feel safe on August 31, 2016

Interior of safe
written by Mason on July 15, 2016
The lining and trim of the inside of the safe is very cheaply put together and looks like it will start to come apart in 6-12 months time. If i would have known there was a different handle like the one I saw online after getting it I would have wanted that instead instead of the single handle.

Great Safe
written by Erik Alvarez on May 21, 2016
Very high quality, it has a lot of interior room. I bought mine in the marble Grey color, it definitely looks very nice. Fit perfectly in my closet and still has some room. I do wish they offered different style fabric for the interior. Overall I am very happy with my safe, I do recommend this to anyone looking to purchase, I really feel like I got my moneys worth.

written by Jon on May 13, 2016

written by New Safe Owner on April 24, 2016

written by SRO on April 23, 2016

written by SRO on April 23, 2016

Scott's Review
written by Scott on February 25, 2016

Overall good safe
written by BT on February 21, 2016
Bit pricey, spent more than I had intended to, but worth it for me to get a mechanical lock made in the USA.

Be careful when adjusting the shelf's as they will chip on the edges due to the material and tight fit.

Good buy
written by NWEF-Age on February 9, 2016
The safe is strong and heavy. I will worry less when I leave the house to go out into town. You will find that the guy putting on the pallet is in a hurry and bolts the safe to the pallet everywichway. I am very happy I bought a liberty safe.

written by Liberty on January 17, 2016
What length of time i have had this safe I am very satisfied with the size and the interior. If this is suppose to be for guns then why does it only come with a place to secure your rifles and not your hand guns? and have to purchase the hand gun door panel separately at a further cost?

Liberty Safe
written by subsailor74 on November 29, 2015
Great Safe for the money - built much stronger than the cheap imports from China

good product
written by God's property on October 23, 2015
looks good and takes up little to no space

Private 20 Safe
written by cw on October 19, 2015

Private 20 Safe
written by PAS on July 26, 2015

A safe keeping
written by Ambongan on June 18, 2015
This is an excellent product and with a good price. I am satisfied with this purchase. Continue making a good product with a reasonable price. May you have more blessings.

Thank you.

Safe at Last!
written by Denny L.v aka majorpapa on June 13, 2015
Although this PC-20 is only a 30 minute fire-rating, I think it is a good fire-safe for those who have fire hydrants within 100 ft of their home. What I don't like is the price I had to pay and the escalation for the next level of safes. If Liberty were a bit more conservative on pricing I would have purchased a larger safe and would've been able to "spout off" what a great product they have. I looked at many safes and all have high costs, but Liberty was the "best bang for the buck" plus the local delivery fees were somewhat reasonable.

Great Safe for the money
written by Momofive on May 17, 2015
We bought this safe to keep our firearms away from visitors and to store ammo and important items. We fit 5 long guns comfortably. Construction is sturdy. Shelving is flexible. I felt the dial on the lock was a little flimsy, but it works well.

*Made in the U.S.A. from U.S. and Global Parts.