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Clearview Electrical LED Wand Light Kit Ratings and Reviews

Follow up on earlier review - Great when they were working
written by John O. on January 31, 2019
After doing all the in house testing I could (mutli-meter, AC detector, etc) I was still unable to find a cause of my lights not working. I quick call to customer service and after a short wait my problems were solved. The phone menu was a little screwy one option that I should have chosen #4 did not want to work but I eventually got to a person and all was fine. After talking and walking through the issue we still could not get the lights to work.

I am completely satisfied with the remedy to my issues we were able to come to and fully stand behind Liberty. They are and will continue to be my gun safe choice

Great lights
written by Scott H. on March 4, 2017
Do not know why I didn't get them earlier. I had purchased the 5 wand kit for my 30 gun safe but , I think I could have went with the 6 wand set there seems to be enough room for it had to do a couple of lay out test fits before I decided to stick them in place but overall very happy with the lights and would recommend them to anybody who is a little skeptical or is wondering if they are worth it they are. Mine function properly and they stay on for five minutes or so no complaints out of me as of right now.

Thank you Liberty and keep up the good work

Great lights
written by DSH on February 12, 2017
Just wanted to leave a review on these lights because it looks like a mixed bag. I know we only tend to leave reviews of things when we have a problem, but for me these lights have been great. I hope I don't have any of the issues others have had, but they have been in my safe for years now and they work amazing. Every time I open the safe they come on after the door opens about a quarter of the way. If I leave the door open long enough and back away I see they go off on their own. I do think the light bars could lose stickiness in the future as that is the nature of lighter adhesives. But I haven't had that problem years later. They work really well and light up the safe fantastically. The only thing I wished when I first got my safe, and still now, is that they came with about 2 more light bars, which I think would really get the entire safe lit up. I would recommend these to anyone, you won't regret it. In fact, I just talked my dad into buying a liberty safe, and the first thing he asked was if I could install these lights for him when the safe is delivered.

Led Light Sensor
written by Gun Fanatic on September 13, 2016
Just purchased a Colonial and I love it. Installed the Led wand kit and noticed that they don't shut off, even when I wrap the sensor with a towel. Are they set to a timer or does the sensor need replacing?

Back In Business
written by KH on April 29, 2016
This is an update to my previous review about lights only lasting a year. Right after my review I contacted Liberty Safe customer service and they sent me a replacement light kit and everything has been working perfectly since. Good to know Liberty stands by their products and has excellent customer service.

These Lights are a Requirement for Any Safe!!
written by Gerald on February 1, 2016
I bought a Franklin 35 safe and I was excited that it came with lights. But upon setting the safe up (was delivered and setup by an authorized dealer) and loading in my valuables, I noticed these lights left a lot to be desired. They would turn off too soon and they would not trigger on consistently. Even waving your hand in front of them would not make them come on most of the time. By the way, the batteries were new. I even put in some Energize Lithium batteries with no improvement.

In addition, these two light sticks did not provide adequate was very dim. I had to supplement these lights with a flashlight. sigh

So, I pondered and hesitated to get these Clearview lights due to the cost...they are pricey!! I even thought about going DIY and getting a kit for $50-$60 which comes with a power brick, sensor, and lights. But after reading the reviews here, on Amazon, other safe dealers, and forums, these lights have outstanding reviews. So I bit the bullet and purchased them.

Installation was easy. The hardest part was figuring out where to install each wand. It is critical that you do this using some T-pins to mock up your lights and wiring to get the best distribution of light. After some trial and error. I installed one wand on the upper left corner horizonally shining light on the top shelf, then the other two wands run vertically in the corners of the door jamb. This provided the best light distribution for each shelf.

These lights are BRIGHT!!! Its a joy to open up the safe and have the lights turn on. You can see everything in the safe. No nooks and crannies are dark.

I highly recommend these lights....even though they are pricey...they are worth it. Highly satisfied!!

Clearview Safe Light Kit
written by Liberty Safe Owner on December 12, 2015
Exceptional - easy install - lights up the safe. Truly worth the money. Now if I can just keep my wife limited to two shelves! Seriously, great product.

Amazing and worth it!
written by Andrew F. on October 29, 2015
My safe came with the wireless Brightview Light Kit. It was worthless, so I replaced it this Clearview Kit. It is amazing!! Completely lights up the entire safe, even with shelves installed. This kit is absolutely worth the money.

Will never want to be without lights again!
written by Josh on August 12, 2015
My safe came with a set of the battery powered lights and I had issues with them. A second set gave me the same problems. After talking to Liberty's customer service (which is excellent) and doing some trouble shooting I got a set of these wired ones. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! So much more light, it has been consistently reliable and not had a single hickup. Frankly I think on the bigger safes should just come with these, they just light the whole safe so much better and are more reliable. If you are contemplating between these and the battery ones...get these hands down. Yeah they may seem expensive but buy once cry once.

The absolute best customer service
written by grayghostcsa on May 9, 2015
I bought the six wand LED light kit via mail order from a large sporting goods company. Unfortunately when it arrived, without testing it I installed it in the safe. I did not work.

So the next morning I called Liberty and relayed the problem. The gentleman I talked to said it had to be either the power brick or the motion sensor. So he sent both.

Unfortunately they still did not work. I dug out the VOM and tested the power bricks and verified that both were functioning. The motion sensor had a different style of plug so it was unusable.

Call Liberty again. The nice lady said unfortunately I had been caught in a model change over but she would send the correct part immediately.

Success! Everything works and I can now actually see the contents of the safe without getting out a flashlight. By mounting the lights in the vertical corners next to the door Liberty has designed a system that give excellent illumination to the entire safe.

I would gladly recommend this product.

Dbl face tape
written by Randy on September 29, 2014
Having the same problem as Discouraged. Other than that, am very pleased.

spare parts
written by doc on August 1, 2014
Got my new Liberty safe with pre-installed set of 5 lights. Works better than could be expected. Very pleased. One and only thing missing is the light at the top. I went to the Liberty site in hopes to find an additional strip of lights which I would've plugged in to the existing circuit and place above the door... Especially since the power source can handle up to 6 strips. Unfortunately can't order just a single additional strip. Hope Liberty takes this comment as constructive suggestion., as the lights truly work great!

Highly Recommend
written by Bob on July 29, 2014
I recently purchased a Lincoln model Liberty safe. Taking my old safe to the hunting camp and put the beautiful new Lincoln in my office. Never thought about lighting until I saw it in the new Lincoln. It makes a huge difference. So I ordered the 5 wand kit for my old safe. Installed in about 5 minutes and it works perfectly. Yes they seem a little expensive but they are specifically designed for the application and work perfectly with the motion detector and wiring that is easy to hide. Very pleased.

written by Delighted on January 22, 2014
Can't believe how nice these really are. Crystal clear white light. Motion sensor works great. Really far better than the older halogen lamps that are in the safe ceiling!

5 wand lights
written by Miller on August 1, 2013
I have the Fatboy safe and recently received these lights. They were VERY easy to install and there are directions, with pictures, on the box. These lights will really work with any larger safe as they didnt really seem Liberty specific aside from generic branding on the box. The motion sensor is ideal. All in all this is a much better setup than the lights that are recessed in the top of the Fatboy.

6 wand clarview led wand light kit
written by Romeo on June 20, 2013
Lights are bright, best $150 you will spend on large safe lighting. I have tried many lights and these are the best and brightest. it also has the sensor to turn the lights off when safe is closed one of my favorite features.I have an older 72" tall liberty safe and these are awesome!

Now complaints. Directions suck! No real clear directions on how to install these lights. pictures would be helpful.
I searched for hours on the net and on Liberty's website and nothing!

I gave 5 stars for product, but it would be 0 stars for directions!
Liberty's Response:
Thanks Romeo. We'll take a look at the instructions and improve them. We'll even work on a video.

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