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Wondering where to buy a safe that can protect your priceless belongings? Looking for a safe that will stand up to natural disasters and burglary attempts? Look no further. Featuring high end style and the latest security features, these Liberty home security safes are in a league of their own! Tested to the highest quality standards, these Liberty safes have become the pinnacle of home security. Our personal safes for the home are proudly made in the USA, so customers can rest assured they are protected morning, noon and night.

Liberty Safe offers a diverse lineup of USA made safes, and we are confident you will be able to find a perfect match and buy a safe for your home security needs. We also provide a variety of robust upgrades and accessories including dehumidifiers, outlets kits, pistol racks, door organizers and much more.

At Liberty Safe, we believe a security safe should be a once in a lifetime purchase and offer a lifetime warranty on most of our models. Experience peace of mind and choose one of our safe models today.