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Black Chrome


Bronze Textured/Beige Velour
Bronze Textured / Beige Velour
Green Marble/Beige Velour
Green Marble / Beige Velour
Burgundy Marble/Beige Velour
Burgundy Marble / Beige Velour
White Marble/Beige Velour
White Marble / Beige Velour
Champagne Marble/Beige Velour
Champagne Marble / Beige Velour
Burgundy Gloss/Beige Velour
Burgundy Gloss / Beige Velour
Bronze Gloss/Beige Velour
Bronze Gloss / Beige Velour
Green Gloss/Beige Velour
Green Gloss / Beige Velour
Gray Marble/Silver Velour
Gray Marble / Silver Velour
Black Cherry/Silver Velour
Black Cherry / Silver Velour
Mirror Black/Silver Velour
Mirror Black / Silver Velour
Forest Mist Gloss/Silver Velour
Forest Mist Gloss / Silver Velour
White Gloss/Beige Velour
White Gloss / Beige Velour
Champagne Gloss/Beige Velour
Champagne Gloss / Beige Velour
Gray Gloss/Silver Velour
Gray Gloss / Silver Velour

Liberty reserves the right to change or update product specifications, colors and model sizes at anytime.

Trust a Liberty Safe Lincoln 40 to get the job done. This gun storage vault is made strong and tough to secure what you value most - with 90 minutes of fire protection and award-winning security features (including a reliable Tough Door and ball-bearing hardplate), a Lincoln 40 is built from the ground up to provide the security you need. Whether you're storing documents, firearms, jewelry, or other valuables, we've made the Lincoln 40 to deliver an optimum level of protection.

We've tested our Lincoln 40 gun safes to make sure they can stand up to whatever is thrown at them. That's why they can handle extreme scenarios - including the infamous San Diego wildfires. Our fire protection measures are no joke! When they're combined with our UL-listed security and the beautiful interiors and exteriors of a Liberty Safe Lincoln 40, they create a safe you'll be proud to make part of your home. Buy a gun safe for your home from Liberty Safe.