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Who Are the Best Gun Safe Manufacturers?

Liberty Safe has been delivering high quality, innovative safes to households across the United States since 1988. With our years of expertise, people know they can trust us to understand what it takes to make a safe you can rely on. We often get asked about other safe companies – who else qualifies as one of the best gun safe manufacturers?

If you’re going to make the once-in-a-lifetime purchase of a gun safe, we want to make sure that you’re informed. With that in mind: here is a list of some gun safe manufacturers in no particular order.

  1. American Security

American Security (or AMSEC) has been providing safes and security solutions since 1948. With headquarters in Fontana, CA, American Security develops custom safes for both businesses and residences worldwide. They provide TL rated safes.

  1. Fort Knox Inc.

Fort Knox creates custom built safes out of American-made materials. Fort Knox safes are handcrafted for homes, shops, and offices.

  1. Browning

Famous amongst shooting and hunting enthusiasts for the exceptional quality of their guns, Browning has also been crafting gun safes and pistol vaults for decades; their gun safes are made in China and the USA.

  1. Cannon Safe

Cannon has been in business since 1965 and offers safes for homes and home offices. Imported from Mexico, their safes are designed in a variety of colors to complement different styles.

  1. Superior Safe Company & Champion Safe Company

The lineup of Superior Safe Company includes safes made of American steel and imported by the company from Mexico.

  1. Winchester Safes

Although Winchester may be best-known for its firearms, the company also makes gun safes.

  1. Stack-On

Stack-On safes are made in China and serve as storage options for firearms, documents, and more. Stack-On has over forty years of experience both building and distributing home and gun safes, along with other storage and organizational products

These are seven of the top gun safe brands to consider if you're on the hunt for a high-quality gun safe. You may also be interested in the following links:

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